Moment of Tranquillity

When you are travelling away from home, we know sleeping well can help you to have a far more successful and enjoyable trip. We’ve worked in partnership with a behavioural sleep expert to create the ultimate ‘Moment of Tranquillity’ experience, to help you wake up refreshed after a peaceful night’s sleep, ready for the day ahead in our beautiful city of Edinburgh.

Relax and enjoy a dream stay in any of our splendid rooms with our curated sleep experience, which includes calming yoga and a luxurious turndown service, complete with our signature sleep scent.

Our sleep scent

Relaxing scents and fragrances help you unwind.

Named after the winter Celtic goddess Cailleach (Cail-ee-ach), our sleep scent has been specially created by Edinburgh perfumer Jorum Studio to lull you to sleep during the autumn and winter months, when the nights are longer.

Spray it over a warm bath, or in your room before you go to sleep.

Combining the soothing scents of chamomile, jasmine, ylang ylang, lavender and raspberry, the luxurious fragrance also features Scottish gorse. Gorse grows wild locally in Edinburgh and across the Scottish Highlands, the landscapes of which inspire the artwork in our splendid rooms.

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Top tips from our sleep expert

Getting a good night’s sleep in winter should seem like no problem. However, for some people, winter can wreak havoc on sleep quality and quantity, particularly when we set our clocks back one hour for daylight saving time. When you’re busy or travelling, this can be an even bigger problem.

Partnering with Donna Fairley, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for Insomnia from Sleep Consultancy Ltd in Edinburgh, we’ve gathered expert tips on counteracting issues the changing seasons can bring to slumber, to create our new Moment of Tranquillity turndown service.

How to sleep better

Calming yoga

Exercise is great for your body and mind – and it can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Yoga is a particularly gentle and restorative way to wind down your day.

To help our guests clear their minds before sleep, yoga studio, Hot Yoga Edinburgh, has curated a bespoke aromatherapy yoga class and morning wake-up routine for you to follow in your room.

Instructor Allison Harrison will guide you through a restorative series of gentle seated and standing positions to help clear the mind, relax the body and reduce stress levels.

Relax with yoga